Peterkin Meets A Star


Peterkin Meets a Star

Written and illustrated by Emilie Boon

PicPocket Books

Reading Level: 4-8 years



While out for a walk in the snow, a small boy plucks a star from the sky and takes it home. “Magical... simple, childlike pictures. The effectiveness and appeal of this small book lies in it’s extreme simplicity.” Signal Review of Children’s Books

About this App:

This INTERACTIVE storybook app promotes EARLY LEARNING and helps your children develop READING skills by connecting the spoken audio words and sounds with the written words on the page. PicPocket Books’ Lear-to-Read highlighting feature is an additional READING aid.

What People Are Saying...

Rated Top 10 Bedtime Books For iPad by Digital StoryTime

"It is just the right amount of animation, interactivity and music for reading before bed, a great example of features driven by the needs of the story. It is very short, making it an ideal 'last book' in our house at bedtime. The soft, quiet scenes, gentle narration and sweet ending make this book a sure way to bring sweet dreams. Read more at

Pragmatic Mom

Emilie Boon’s Peterkin Meets a Star is now an ebook and can be played on your iPhone or iPad.  This simple but charming story is perfect for very young ones, especially those who really  want to learn how to read.  The words light up as a mom-like voice reads the story.  Only the mom-voice is much more patient than I ever am and mom-voice is not racing against the clock to hustle the kids to bed. Read more at:

Gill Robins

Everything about this app is whimsical and gentle – readers can activate Peterkin’s special star, snow crunches underfoot when he walks across the frozen fields and you can even hear Peterkin breathing steadily as he sleeps. Every image is rich in detail to be discussed – when and why does the star become sad? What effect does this have on Peterkin? How do his toy rabbit and hedgehog react? The text, which changes color as it is narrated, is simple and unobtrusive. Read more at:

Pad Gadget

If you will pardon the play on words, the star of this story may be a little boy, but the animals that are his pets and friends (a hedgehog and a bunny) are also very sweet to look at and adorable in each illustration. Read more at: